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How to Successfully Remove Face & Body Paints After Halloween

Posted by Adele on

As fun as face painting is for Halloween, it’s never as easy coming off as it is going on. We’ve all been there - turning up to work or sending the kids to school with the remnants of blue Smurf make-up still lingering in our eyebrows. Avoid being the joke of the 9am meeting with these tried and tested face and body paint removal tips:

Kids Face Paints & Water Based Make-Up

Soap & Water: Good old fashioned soap, warm water and a cloth will work best to remove most water-based face and body paints, although it may not work on thicker make-up and those that offer full coverage.

Baby Wipes: Don’t waste all your expensive make-up removing wipes trying to scrub off face paint. High quality baby wipes will do just as good a job on kids face paints without being too harsh on their delicate skin.

Gentle Moisturiser: Before you touch the make-up with water or a cloth, rub some gentle moisturiser into your face paint to blend it all together (if it looks a mess you’re doing it right!). Once you’ve lifted and blended it all together with the moisturiser start rinsing off gently with water and a soft cloth.

Oil Based Face/Body Paints

Baby oil or Coconut Oil: Oil adheres to oil so it tends to be the most effective way to get greasy make-up off your skin. Rub it straight onto the make up or use a generous layer on a cotton wool pad. Remember to rinse thoroughly once you’re finished to avoid oily skin.

Vaseline: Vaseline and similar products work wonders on oil based make-up. Apply it straight onto the skin and rub in circular motions. Using a cloth or gentle exfoliating glove will help lift suborn colours from pores and eyebrows!

Baking Powder & Water: To remove tough colour stains a mixture of baking powder and a little warm water to the area. Let it sit for a minute and gently rinse off. Baking powder can leave your skin pretty dry so if you use it remember to keep a hydrating moisturiser on hand for afterwards.

Liquid Latex & Glue

Peel it Off: Gently peel the latex off your skin - if it doesn’t budge or hurts in any way then stop and try one of the methods below.

Soapy Water: Most liquid latex products have been designed to come off easily with nothing more than soap and water. Use lukewarm water and a textured cloth to scrub gently at tough areas.

Baby Oil or Coconut Oil: Apply a layer of oil to the make up and let it sit for a minute or two to soak in. Rub gently with warm soapy water and pat dry with a towel. Repeat this step until the latex is completely removed.

Clothing Stains

Talcum Powder: If you get oily face paints or make up on your costume or clothing then sprinkle some talc onto the stain to help soak up the extra moisture before washing.

Pre-Wash Satin Removers: Spray the stain as soon as possible with some pre-wash stain remover and pop in the wash. It might take a couple of cycles to fully remove the residue.

Warm Water: Soak the costume or clothing item in warm water for an hour before popping in the washing machine. You could try adding some liquid soap.

Colour-Free Toothpaste or Shaving Foam: Apparently these two household items are great for getting tough stains out of fabrics! If nothing else works they could always be worth a shot. 

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