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Childrens Costumes

Do you remember dressing up when you were a kid? Maybe you wore a fancy dress costume for Halloween, a birthday party, school show or even World Book Day.

Dressing up is so much fun, especially for kids. They just love it and tend not to need an excuse or too much convincing to wear their favourite costume. I know a few little boys and girls whose outfits at the weekend consist of princess dresses, superhero capes, mermaid tails, crowns and tiaras, animal onesies or a mixture of all of the above at the same time! It's amazing how kids' imaginations pick up on the smallest things and turn them into magical stories and epic adventures. Encouraging that creativity is so important as they grow up.

To help you we've brought together a massive collection of kids fancy dress costumes and accessories for all occasions and a selection of spooky Halloween costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treating. You'll find adorable costumes for girls including pretty fairytale characters, Disney princesses, pirates and nurses. There are cool boys costumes too! They'll love dressing up as a medieval knight, cowboy, ninja or policeman. We even have a few toddler costumes and loads of fun animal costumes available.

You'll see that there's something for every boy or girl no matter who or what they want to dress up as. Many of these kids fancy dress costumes are priced at under 10, so they're affordable too!